The Well

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What would happen if there was a well that linked us from one side of the globe to the other?What if an unexpected, direct communication was suddenly created between the average people in different part of the globe? It is very ironic that although the world is saturated by information flows and communication possibilities yet there is very little communication between average people.

The Well is an interactive sculptural installation intended for the city environment. The installation comprises a round well that is linked to another installation which is in another town in another country. The work functions in a way that one can talk to someone-else who is standing at the twin-well in another part of the world .

By establishing Communication the well gives a vision that people can come together despite political, religious, cultural distance and boundaries. The work can be said to highlight the discussion of public space to a global level.This Project shows people the opportunity to meet on its own terms even when states and cultures far from each other, not only in geographic terms.

The average man on the street in different countries never knows what their fellow citizens around the globe think. Whatever they know about each other is through ‘main stream media. It is surprising how little we know about each other; west is foreign to east and south is absolutely unknown to north.

Tehran and Gothenburg were my first choice and I have been trying for the last eight years to implement the project in these two cities. Despite the written agreement with Iran’s Artist house at the very last moment, they stopped the project in Iran and therefore only the Swedish part of the Well could be installed and this time CENSURE kept the Well silent.

the exhibition had premiere on September 25th 2008

”The Well”Will be created for the International Women Artist Biennial in Incheon Korea to link with the one in Gothenburg 2009.8.1-31

“The Well” is a long term project and it is intended to be carried out in different cities all over the world.

Thanks to :Svenska Institutet, Västra Götalandsregionens kulturnämnd, Konst och kutlurutveckling

“So Close Yet So Far Away”

Mandana Moghaddam

The composition was made for “the Well” by:Henrik Nagy (guitar / electronics)Stefan Abesson (soprano saxophone)
Johan Nagy (contrabass)   and :Sandra Karl Kvist (song)

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